Reflect on yourself

The seasons are changing. Summer has slowly changed into autumn. The leaves of the trees are changing from green into brown, yellow and red. Days are getting shorter. The darkness of the night remains longer. The temperature is changing. Warmth makes places for cold. I feel the changes in the air. Something is different. AlsoContinue reading “Reflect on yourself”

Book – The 5 AM Club

Follow the story of a billionaire, entrepreneur and an artist. Learn how the entrepreneur and artist change their lives step by step. They learn how to change their habits by waking up early in the morning. Own your morning, elevate your life. That is what this book is about. In the first hour of theContinue reading “Book – The 5 AM Club”

Keep the spirit

The COVID-19 situation in the Netherlands is improving. Quickly now. Because more and more people in the Netherlands are getting a vaccination. Shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas are open again. It seems like ‘normal’ life is possible again in a short time. Of course the basic rules need to be followed and things are notContinue reading “Keep the spirit”