Hello spring

Winter is almost over. Seasons are changing. Only a few days till the start of spring. It’s my favorite season of the year. After the winter cold everything starts to grow again. Even when I appreciate winter as well, as every season has its own charm, I am always happy when spring starts. The earlierContinue reading “Hello spring”

How to stay positive

Recently I wrote about how to reflect on yourself. The blog is about the changes in seasons from summer to autumn and what you can do to change your mindset. Now autumn is almost changing into winter. This period is also a time to adjust yourself and accept the changes in life. Everything changes WhenContinue reading “How to stay positive”

Reflect on yourself

The seasons are changing. Summer has slowly changed into autumn. The leaves of the trees are changing from green into brown, yellow and red. Days are getting shorter. The darkness of the night remains longer. The temperature is changing. Warmth makes places for cold. I feel the changes in the air. Something is different. AlsoContinue reading “Reflect on yourself”

Enjoy summer!

Time flies. Even during this COVID-19 pandemic. First half of the year has already passed by. Now it is summer and people are going on holiday. I normally don’t go on holidays in summer, but outside the summer season as I normally travel far away.   I got my second vaccination and I hoped IContinue reading “Enjoy summer!”

Spring is there

My favorite season of the year started. Spring! I just love this time of the year. After the cold and dark winter, the sun comes out again. All the trees start to grow their leaves, the birds are singing and the blossom starts to grow. Temperature is rising again and you can feel the springContinue reading “Spring is there”

Embrace autumn and celebrate Halloween

The Indian summer made place for autumn. Winter time just started in the Netherlands. The changes of the colors of the leaves in the trees varies from green to yellow, orange and red. The leaves are falling down on the ground. It is becoming colder and it gets more windy and rainy. Change in seasonsContinue reading “Embrace autumn and celebrate Halloween”