The bliss of an evening ritual

How you start your day is important, as it can set the tone for the rest of the day. Use daily morning rituals to start your day with self-care. But also how you end your day is important. What you do in the hours before going to sleep matters more than you think. We knowContinue reading “The bliss of an evening ritual”

Be happy

Be happy. That sounds challenging right? Probably you ask yourself how you can be happy, with so many things to do. With a to-do-list that you never finish, your busy life, so many expectations and so many things to choose. Working, family and a social life. How can you be happy when you can’t evenContinue reading “Be happy”

Start with good habits

Don’t worry. I will not start the year with new year’s resolutions. Every day is a new day and a new page of your life. So every day in your life you can start something new and start with new habits. I do believe that this is much stronger than new year’s resolutions. As smallContinue reading “Start with good habits”

End of the year

The end of the year 2021 is almost here. For me it doesn’t mean that much, as it’s only something humans have created. It’s just a change in date and year, that’s it for me. You can always start something new, on every day of the year. Every day feels like a new chance andContinue reading “End of the year”

Give yourself some Headspace

Are you always busy? Doing the tasks on your to-do-list? Doing things for others? Do you experience stress or anxiety? Are you always in your head? Don’t you know how to deal with life sometimes? Are you feeling lost? Then it’s time to give yourself some ‘Headspace’.  Who is not feeling one of these thingsContinue reading “Give yourself some Headspace”