Be happy

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Be happy. That sounds challenging right? Probably you ask yourself how you can be happy, with so many things to do. With a to-do-list that you never finish, your busy life, so many expectations and so many things to choose. Working, family and a social life. How can you be happy when you can’t even make time for yourself?

That’s the key to start with. Make some time for yourself, so you can connect with yourself again. It is your life and you need to take your responsibility to take care of yourself. How can you help others and be productive in your work, when you don’t take care of yourself in a good way?

There are different things you can do to become healthier:

  • Eat healthy
  • Get daily exercise
  • Take breaks to recharge
  • Drink water
  • Give your brain some rest by meditation
  • Be curious and open-minded
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone
  • Learn and grow
  • Get inspired
  • Accept and let go
  • Be mindful and live in the moment
  • Practice gratitude on a daily base

You can be content for a big part of the day and that is also good enough. If you can reach that point that you feel neutral, content or satisfied, you can take one more extra step. Change your mindset. Be happy! Happiness is only a temporary feeling. But it gives you so much joy and energy. Live in the moment. Enjoy the sunshine, the music you are listening to that makes you smile and take a deep breath. Feel the wind through your hair and be there in that moment. Don’t think of anything else in the past or in the future.

These moments of mindfulness are giving you the feeling that you are alive. These are the moments to cherish. And of course the moment will pass and will become history. That is completely fine. Accept that as well. Things come and go in life, it is always changing. More moments to cherish will also come, but nothing will be ever the same.

What do you do to be happy?

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