How to sleep better

Winter will start soon and that means that we are having long and dark nights. What a good excuse to get some extra sleep. Cosy and warm underneath a blanket and zzzzzz….  Good sleep is important for good health and a happy mood. But not every night is a good one. As every day ofContinue reading “How to sleep better”

Master your life  

We are completely stuck. In thoughts, patterns and habits. We don’t control our lives, but let us lead by others and by society. And even by our own mind. We think we are free, but we are not. Our brain is fooling us and we just follow our mind blindly as we trust our brains.Continue reading “Master your life  “

Book – The 5 AM Club

Follow the story of a billionaire, entrepreneur and an artist. Learn how the entrepreneur and artist change their lives step by step. They learn how to change their habits by waking up early in the morning. Own your morning, elevate your life. That is what this book is about. In the first hour of theContinue reading “Book – The 5 AM Club”