Master your life  

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We are completely stuck. In thoughts, patterns and habits. We don’t control our lives, but let us lead by others and by society. And even by our own mind. We think we are free, but we are not. Our brain is fooling us and we just follow our mind blindly as we trust our brains. We are living in a cycle of patterns. Old habits are coming back and we fall in that same hole over and over again.

Focus on negativity

Many paths in our brains have been made in our childhood. Mostly because of bad and painful experiences, which leaves marks for the rest of our lives. And our brain is used to focus on negativity and make things bigger than they are. It is driven by fear, as our brain is still ‘old-fashioned’. Our brain is still thinking that everything in our life is dangerous and we have to run for our lives to survive.

But in modern society your biggest enemy is yourself. The bad experiences from our past will haunt us for the rest of our lives. It’s the voice in our own head who is not being kind or nice to us. And when someone else is not kind to us, it will even hurt us more as it confirms what we already thought. So don’t be a victim and take control of your own life.

Be aware

I do believe you can get out of it. How? It will take a lot of time and courage, but you will do it. The most important thing is awareness. Catch yourself on your patterns and behavior. If you can pause and be aware, that is a big step. By practicing mindfulness, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation, you can train this awareness. Use a reflection journal, have a daily intention and write down the things you are grateful for. Listen to podcasts about self improvement and read books about these subjects.

You will learn and grow. You will notice more and more things. And when you are aware and notice your behavior, you can change yourself. Step by step. Don’t run away inside your head, but use your head and connect to your body and soul. The combination of using your brain in the right way and using your intuition will guide you through life. It is a long journey but stay focused and don’t give up. You will see the changes. You are the master of your life. Make it a good one!

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