Have a cruelty free Christmas

It’s almost the end of the year. Slowly we are preparing for the holiday season. Decorating our houses and buying gifts for our loved ones. But how can we keep our good habits and stick to an ethical way of living in a season like this? Don’t get overwhelmed by what society is expecting fromContinue reading “Have a cruelty free Christmas”

A new day

Early mornings in spring time. It is cold. The night is still present. Not wanting to leave yet. Just fading away bit by bit. The sky is still dark. The moonlight dims slowly. Making space for the upcoming sun. The sky is slowly changing in color. Sounds of birds are starting to appear. They areContinue reading “A new day”

Burden or chance?

I am a person who likes to go out. To travel, to meet family and friends and to experience new things. Due to the pandemic situation it is all not possible. Of course I don’t like the boundaries, but I have accepted the situation from the start. I have learned to focus on the thingsContinue reading “Burden or chance?”