A new day

Early mornings in spring time. It is cold. The night is still present. Not wanting to leave yet. Just fading away bit by bit. The sky is still dark. The moonlight dims slowly. Making space for the upcoming sun. The sky is slowly changing in color. Sounds of birds are starting to appear. They are slowly waking up. Starting to sing their morning songs. Singing goodbye to the night and welcoming the day.

I can hear them and their songs wake me up. But it is still too early to get out of bed. So I fall asleep again. Every time I wake up I hear the birds. Still singing their song. Waiting for the night to disappear. Being excited to start a brand new day. Being grateful to have another day in life. Being happy to start a new day. When I hear the birds singing, it feels like there are no walls between us. There is one space and we are connected. We are one. I feel relaxed and grateful when I hear them sing. We can learn from the birds.

Be grateful for a new day. Another day that you are alive. You get another chance to make the best of it. You can make good memories on this new day. You can learn something new. You can do something to help someone. You can do something good. You can make someone else happy. Fulfill your duty with your heart. Be curious and kind. Live fully and be mindful. Focus on your tasks. Enjoy every small detail in your day.

The change in colors of the morning sky. The smell of the fresh morning coffee. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. The touch of your cat who walks around your legs. The first taste of your breakfast. Feeling the water falling all over your body while you take a shower. Smile when you go out and enjoy the smiles of people you meet. Be focused on your tasks and do them one by one. Take a walk in the sunshine and feel the sun on your skin. Take a zip of your glass of water. Give your partner a hug and feel the love. Pay attention to your partner and listen to what he/she is saying. Don’t judge, but just be there. Appreciate your partner.

If you have a partner or not, appreciate the relationship with yourself the most. Be kind for yourself. Take care of yourself. Make some time for yourself this day. Do what you want to do. Do something that gives you energy or do what makes you relaxed. Choose only the best for yourself. Because you are worth it. If you don’t take good care of yourself, who else will do it?

Quote | Image: sassygirlquotes.com

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