Have a cruelty free Christmas

Photo by Any Lane on Pexels.com

It’s almost the end of the year. Slowly we are preparing for the holiday season. Decorating our houses and buying gifts for our loved ones. But how can we keep our good habits and stick to an ethical way of living in a season like this?

Don’t get overwhelmed by what society is expecting from you. A society that is focused on buying more and more things and eating everything you like, is that matching you? It is your own life so choose whatever makes you happy. Stick to your healthy habits, don’t get distracted and be kind to yourself.

With the right steps and preparations, we can have a Christmas celebration while we reduce the impact on the planet. After all, Christmas is not about buying a lot of stuff and eating a lot of things. It is the time of the year to be grateful for what we have and enjoy the important things in life. Hereby I would like to share some tips.

  • Give something that makes someone a happier person. For example, a book about personal growth, how to become more mindful or how to appreciate the simple things in life.
  • Sponsor a rescued animal and spend your money on this instead of buying stuff.
  • Give something that you made by yourself. Make vegan coconut balls or vegan fudge and put them in a nice jar with a ribbon around it.
  • Give a cutting from one of your own plants. Let the roots grow first and put it in a nice pot with soil and wrap it. How special is that?
  • Buy vegan sweets from local stores around you and support the local shops.
  • Give an experience and not stuff. Like a nice activity that you can do both together like a workshop or a hiking trip in beautiful nature.
  • If you want to give a gift, buy something vegan and cruelty free. Like showergel or a shampoo bar.
  • Make time to clean your closet. Give your clothes that you don’t wear to other people who need it.
  • Give something nice for your pet that he needs. After all, they are our kids.
  • Make a completely cruelty free vegan Christmas dinner. Meat is old fashioned and vegan is hip. Did you know that if everyone in the Netherlands (with a population of 17,5 million) would eat plant-based food during Christmas, 2,7 million lives of animals would be saved?

By buying less, we waste less. And all I want for Christmas, is a cruelty free Christmas. Merry Christmas!


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