Have a cruelty free Christmas

It’s almost the end of the year. Slowly we are preparing for the holiday season. Decorating our houses and buying gifts for our loved ones. But how can we keep our good habits and stick to an ethical way of living in a season like this? Don’t get overwhelmed by what society is expecting fromContinue reading “Have a cruelty free Christmas”

Eat more plant-based and try vegan

On my 10th birthday I stopped eating meat. As I started to become aware of what I was eating. A big animal lover like me, didn’t want animals to get killed to eat their meat. My parents were supporting me and they respected my choice. At that time, people were starting to ask me questions.Continue reading “Eat more plant-based and try vegan”

How to enjoy this holiday season

As I described earlier, this year the holiday season is different. We are not allowed to go out for Christmas shopping, there are no Christmas markets and we can’t hang out with friends to play a board game while enjoying a hot cup of tea. So we have to be creative, think in possibilities andContinue reading “How to enjoy this holiday season”