Enjoy summer!

Time flies. Even during this COVID-19 pandemic. First half of the year has already passed by. Now it is summer and people are going on holiday. I normally don’t go on holidays in summer, but outside the summer season as I normally travel far away.   I got my second vaccination and I hoped IContinue reading “Enjoy summer!”

Keep the spirit

The COVID-19 situation in the Netherlands is improving. Quickly now. Because more and more people in the Netherlands are getting a vaccination. Shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas are open again. It seems like ‘normal’ life is possible again in a short time. Of course the basic rules need to be followed and things are notContinue reading “Keep the spirit”

Support India and Nepal

Traveling is one of my biggest passions. I love to discover new places, experience life in other places, be part of the beautiful nature and make new friends. It’s a healthy addiction I never want to let go. Asia is a continent I really like. Smiling and friendly people, old historical buildings, a rainbow ofContinue reading “Support India and Nepal”