Keep your healthy pandemic habits

It is not over yet and we don’t know if it will ever be. There are still people dying because of the virus. And in some parts of the world it seems like it has never been there, like the people are trying to forget it. But the COVID-19 pandemic is part of our lives now. 

Everyone has experienced the pandemic in another way. But like in every challenging and difficult period of our lives, we can learn from it. We can take lessons out of this situation and change our lives in a better way than before. We developed habits that we otherwise wouldn’t have developed. We have made choices we wouldn’t choose before. We have changed as we all have experienced this situation. 

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I would like to share some things that you can keep doing for a happier and healthier life:

  • Washing your hands. During the pandemic we have developed a habit to wash our hands more often. Continue with that, as it will never do you any harm. 
  • Stay in touch with family and friends by video calls. As we didn’t have a choice during the pandemic, we used the possibility for a video call more often. Keep doing this with your family and friends, especially when they are living abroad or when you don’t see them often. 
  • Cooking at home. As we couldn’t go out for a drink or for dinner, we had to cook at our own place. Enjoy cooking at home and make something special for yourself. Try a new recipe and share it with your friends or family. 
  • Continue your home exercise. Luckily we can go to the gym again. But for some extra exercise, keep doing your home exercise. An online yoga class, dancing or a core work-out. Keep moving to stay healthy. 
  • Enjoy your daily walk. Some of us made the habit of going for a daily walk. Keep walking and experience the changes in seasons and get your daily fresh air. 
  • Make time for self-care. Journaling, meditating, taking a bath, reading or listening to some music. Set boundaries and take this time to recharge again. 
  • Family time. As we are getting more busy again, block some time for your family and spend quality time together. Enjoy the moments and make memories. 
  • Declutter and clean your house. We had time to declutter and clean our house. Keep continuing with this, as it is an ongoing process. 
  • Get creative. As the shops were closed, we had to order things online or make something by ourselves when we wanted to give someone a gift. A personalised gift that you have made by yourself is always more special. So keep making time for that. 
  • Care about others. During this period many people were feeling lonely. Remember that there will always be people who face difficulties and feel lonely once in a while. So care about them and help them. You can listen to their story, get some groceries or prepare a meal. And also care for animals of course.

What are the positive changes in your life because of this pandemic? What kind of habits have you embraced in your life? Let me know and share it with me.

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