Support India and Nepal

Colorful prayer flags in Kathmandu Nepal
Prayer flags in Kathmandu in Nepal | Photo: Jane Sauer

Traveling is one of my biggest passions. I love to discover new places, experience life in other places, be part of the beautiful nature and make new friends. It’s a healthy addiction I never want to let go.

Asia is a continent I really like. Smiling and friendly people, old historical buildings, a rainbow of food colors, music that touches my soul and amazing nature. So I also travel often to Asia. My last trip to Asia was India last year, to discover new places, visit the place where the Dalai Lama lives, attend a wedding but also to do my yoga teacher training in an ashram.

Difference between west and east

With the COVID-19 situation I miss the possibility to travel to Asia. But the pandemic situation there at the moment breaks my heart. It also feels strange to live in the ‘rich’ west and see what is happening to my family, friends and other people living in the east. Here the situation is improving and people can already go for shopping and visit the zoo again. More and more people get their vaccination. It seems like we are ‘going back to normal’. There people don’t even have the money to buy food, lost their job and the process of vaccination goes slow. They don’t get the health care they need. So many people die unnecessarily.

The corona infections in India are very high at the moment. The neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan have also lost their grip on the situation. Hospitals can’t help the sick people who need emergency care. India has the highest number of death cases due COVID-19. Because of the immense population it will also take a while before people get their vaccination. In Nepal the virus is spreading quicker than in other countries. The country is poor and they were not prepared for a situation like this. People also live in places that are difficult to reach. So help goes slow.

Be the change and help

I write to bring awareness, so that you can do something to help. Even € 10 can be the difference between life and death. Please be the change, so you can make our world more beautiful.

Sign these petitions to help Nepal:
With vaccinations
With emergency aid

Donate to these organizations to help Nepal:

Donate to these organizations to help India:
Give India
Care India
Desai Foundation
Feeding India

Donate to this organization to help Nepal, Nepal and other countries (in Dutch):
Giro 555

Giro 555
Facebook | Arhanta Yoga

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