Enjoy summer!

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Time flies. Even during this COVID-19 pandemic. First half of the year has already passed by. Now it is summer and people are going on holiday. I normally don’t go on holidays in summer, but outside the summer season as I normally travel far away.  

I got my second vaccination and I hoped I could travel after a month or so, but it seems like the situation is not good enough. I don’t mind all the rules regarding COVID-19, I don’t have any problem to follow them and I know why it is necessary.

The only thing that gets more difficult for me now is that it’s not possible to travel. Most of my family and friends are living abroad and I don’t know when it’s possible to see them again. I don’t like to postpone things. Especially not important things like this. Quality time with family. But it is what it is.

Tips for a safe summer

If you stay at home or nearby, I would like to share some tips for a safe summer this year:

  • Explore your province. Walk, travel by bike or take your skeelers. There are probably still things that you didn’t visit before. Now the restaurants are open, so you can discover new places where you haven’t been.
  • Visit a local park and bring a blanket with a good book. Enjoy being outside and relax.
  • Make time to prepare some healthy food with your children or your nieces or nephews. Start a journey of food and let them taste, discover, learn and play. There is so much to learn about food. Where does it come from? Take a map of the world and let them guess. Tasting is a very important part of cooking. Let them taste different kinds of flavors.
  • Reorganize your home. Declutter and make some positive changes. Change things so it is matching according to your needs. Don’t forget your garden or balcony and make it nice for this summer.
  • Make time to select and print some photos. Nowadays we take so many photos with our phone, but we don’t do anything with it. Make once a year time to select some photos, print them out and put them in a frame. Also nice as a gift!
  • Play! Games online, a board game or in the park.

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