How to enjoy this holiday season

As I described earlier, this year the holiday season is different. We are not allowed to go out for Christmas shopping, there are no Christmas markets and we can’t hang out with friends to play a board game while enjoying a hot cup of tea. So we have to be creative, think in possibilities and make the best of it! Here are some things you can do this year:

  • Be creative and make a Christmas card by yourself. Send it to the people you care about and to the people who need it. If you don’t have much time, make a card with washi tape. Check this for more information.
  • Try a vegan friendly recipe. Make some vegan gingerbread cookies. Check for example this recipe.
  • It’s the perfect time to read a book! I like to read and I also love children’s books. A nice book for this season is ‘Christmas comes to Moominvalley’ from Alex Haridi.
Christmas comes to Moominvalley | Image:
  • Once in the year it is time for Christmas songs! Arrange an online karaoke party with some friends and sing your favorite song. My favorite is ‘We all stand together’ from Paul McCartney.
We all stand together | Video: YouTube
  • Wear your favorite home outfit and snuggle up on the couch. Watch your favorite Christmas or winter movies. My favorites are the animation movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ (2009), ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ (1993), ‘Little Women’ (1994) and of course ‘Harry Potter’.
A Christmas Carol | Image: Disney Plus
  • Make a nice vegan matcha latte. Check this for how to make it.
  • Dress up and wear your favorite Christmas sweater. Drink a hot vegan chocolate and make a video call with the people who need some love. Try WhatsApp or Zoom to make a call.

Wish you happy holidays!

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