Happy Halloween!

The coming weekend is Halloween. Prepare for a funny and scary weekend! Bring out the Halloween decoration and your most amazing outfit.  This holiday tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. The new year of the Celts (people who lived in theContinue reading “Happy Halloween!”

Book – A long way home

I like true stories and stories that are based on true events. I like to get inside someone’s head. I am interested in how someone else thinks and sees things. It’s just intriguing. Every individual is different and that makes the world beautiful. Lion So is one of my favorite movies ‘Lion’ (2016). The storyContinue reading “Book – A long way home”

How to enjoy this holiday season

As I described earlier, this year the holiday season is different. We are not allowed to go out for Christmas shopping, there are no Christmas markets and we can’t hang out with friends to play a board game while enjoying a hot cup of tea. So we have to be creative, think in possibilities andContinue reading “How to enjoy this holiday season”

Movie – Voices in the Wind

I went to the Camera Japan Festival to watch the Japanese movie ‘Voices in the Wind (Kaze no denwa)’. I have chosen this movie as I like real life stories and I felt attracted to a story about losing loved ones. Hitchhiking The story is about the girl Haru (Serena Motola), the only one ofContinue reading “Movie – Voices in the Wind”

Movie – Pareeksha

I don’t like to waste my time on watching television. For me it feels like being brainwashed with things that are not good for me. It even took me a while before I started watching the popular streaming platform Netflix. The reason was clear; I actually never watch television, because I have plenty of otherContinue reading “Movie – Pareeksha”