Get inspired by Goodreads

In a world where many people are addicted to their smartphone, it is important to make the right choices. Which apps are useful and handy? According to me, one of those apps is Goodreads. Find and share books Goodreads is an American social cataloging website and a subsidiary of Amazon. Their mission is to helpContinue reading “Get inspired by Goodreads”

Book – A long way home

I like true stories and stories that are based on true events. I like to get inside someone’s head. I am interested in how someone else thinks and sees things. It’s just intriguing. Every individual is different and that makes the world beautiful. Lion So is one of my favorite movies ‘Lion’ (2016). The storyContinue reading “Book – A long way home”

Book – The 5 AM Club

Follow the story of a billionaire, entrepreneur and an artist. Learn how the entrepreneur and artist change their lives step by step. They learn how to change their habits by waking up early in the morning. Own your morning, elevate your life. That is what this book is about. In the first hour of theContinue reading “Book – The 5 AM Club”

Book – If cats disappeared from the world

When I was traveling a few years back, I had seen a Japanese movie ‘If cats disappeared from the world’ in the plane. It was such a beautiful and touching story. I couldn’t let it go and I tried to find the movie, but I could not. One day I saw a book with theContinue reading “Book – If cats disappeared from the world”

How to enjoy this holiday season

As I described earlier, this year the holiday season is different. We are not allowed to go out for Christmas shopping, there are no Christmas markets and we can’t hang out with friends to play a board game while enjoying a hot cup of tea. So we have to be creative, think in possibilities andContinue reading “How to enjoy this holiday season”