Book – Lagom

I would like to make some more time to read every day. Not online, but reading a real book. Even though I often read, it feels like it is not enough for me. But I also have to accept that it all has to be in balance. With a broad interest, I can’t do everything that I like to do. So I need to choose.

Talking about balance, I just finished the book ‘Lagom’ from Niki Brantmark. A beautiful designed book that is perfect to hold in your hands. The right book to read during the cold and dark winter months and snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a cup of tea. I enjoyed reading the book, it has just the right amount of text combined with illustrations and pictures. All in balance. The back of the book is mentioning the following:

“In a fast-paced world, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could slow down and enjoy a life with less pressure, less stress and more time for the things you love?

Loosely translated as ‘not too much and not too little – just right’. Lagom is the Swedish philosophy that centres around finding a balance that works for you.”

It is a very nice book that describes ‘lagom’ in your personal life, in family and relationships and in the wider world. De-clutter your home, make a vase out of a light bulb, ways to sleep like a Swede, eat in moderation, be an early bird, learn the art of fika, have you ever thought of having a lagom wedding, reduce your water footprint and make a homemade elderflower cordial. The book has many examples of how you can change your life in a more lagom way. It is also nice to learn more about the Swedish culture. So give it a try and welcome ‘lagom’ in your life!

– Lagom Niki Brantmark

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