Book – A long way home

A long way home | Image: Saroo Brierley

I like true stories and stories that are based on true events. I like to get inside someone’s head. I am interested in how someone else thinks and sees things. It’s just intriguing. Every individual is different and that makes the world beautiful.


So is one of my favorite movies ‘Lion’ (2016). The story is about a five-year-old boy who gets adopted by an Australian couple after he gets lost hundreds of kilometers from his home and family. After 25 years he tries to find his lost family. The movie is amazing and touching. With good acting by Dev Patel. The story itself is also beautiful.

Now finally I read the book ‘A long way home’, written by Saroo Brierley. The movie ‘Lion’ is based on this book. The boy Saroo was born in an Indian village called Khandwa. When he was five years old he joined his elder brother Guddu while he was working. Saroo waited at a train station for his brother, but he didn’t return. The boy decides to search for him in a train but the train suddenly departs…

Living on the streets

Saroo ended up in Calcutta and had to live a few weeks on the streets, not speaking the language of that region. He got placed into an orphanage and finally got adopted by an Australian family. The next 25 years he grew up with his parents in Hobart, Tasmania. Becoming more and more aware of his roots, he decides to look for his family using Google Earth.

I loved the book very much. I like both the movie and the book. The story is amazing. Especially when you watch the movie or read the book for the first time and have no idea what is going to happen. I advise you not to check the information on the internet if you are planning to watch the movie or read the book. In the book you will discover the struggles of the small boy who tries to survive in the big city. How Saroo experienced his time in the orphanage. You will get to know why his Australian parents wanted to adopt a child from India. And you will join Saroo on his journey to find his family.

– Book A long way home (Saroo Brierley)
Saroo Brierley

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