Book – The Guest Cat

I have read another book about cats. This time I read the novel The Guest Cat written by Takashi Hiraide. It’s a short novel about a couple in their thirties who are living in a small rented cottage in a quiet part of Tokyo. They work from home as they are freelance copy-editors. One dayContinue reading “Book – The Guest Cat”

Book – Cat wisdom

When you think about mindfulness, the first animal that pops in my mind is the cat. Not only because I am obsessed with cats haha. But this animal is the most mindful creature that I know. When you carefully watch the behaviour of cats, you can learn a lot of them. So besides watching them,Continue reading “Book – Cat wisdom”

Book – The Art of Happiness

I started my weblog with some examples of things that I do to become happier and more grateful. I want to inspire you and show you that the journey to a better life starts with changing small things. For example, reading inspiring articles and books are important if you want to change your life. InContinue reading “Book – The Art of Happiness”

Book – Zen, The Art of Simple Living

I love books. The old fashioned ones. The ones that I can touch and smell. The ones that I can hold in my hands and turn the pages with my fingers. It feels like something precious that I am holding in my hands. The excitement when I start to read a new book. Words becomingContinue reading “Book – Zen, The Art of Simple Living”