Book – Cat wisdom

When you think about mindfulness, the first animal that pops in my mind is the cat. Not only because I am obsessed with cats haha. But this animal is the most mindful creature that I know. When you carefully watch the behaviour of cats, you can learn a lot of them. So besides watching them,Continue reading “Book – Cat wisdom”

Beauty of seasons

For the first time in my life, I have really noticed the change in the seasons. I am living in the Netherlands, where there are four seasons per year: winter, spring, summer and autumn. First I didn’t appreciate this, as I am a fan of the spring season and it would be more comfortable whenContinue reading “Beauty of seasons”

Movie – Voices in the Wind

I went to the Camera Japan Festival to watch the Japanese movie ‘Voices in the Wind (Kaze no denwa)’. I have chosen this movie as I like real life stories and I felt attracted to a story about losing loved ones. Hitchhiking The story is about the girl Haru (Serena Motola), the only one ofContinue reading “Movie – Voices in the Wind”

Get things done at home

There is always something to do in the house. There is always something that needs to be cleaned or organized. When you just clean the floor, the next moment you see dust and spots again. I can tell you, this will never stop. Happiness booster But, the good thing about this is that a cleanContinue reading “Get things done at home”

Movie – Pareeksha

I don’t like to waste my time on watching television. For me it feels like being brainwashed with things that are not good for me. It even took me a while before I started watching the popular streaming platform Netflix. The reason was clear; I actually never watch television, because I have plenty of otherContinue reading “Movie – Pareeksha”