Book – Cat wisdom

Cat Wisdom | Photo: Jane Sauer

When you think about mindfulness, the first animal that pops in my mind is the cat. Not only because I am obsessed with cats haha. But this animal is the most mindful creature that I know. When you carefully watch the behaviour of cats, you can learn a lot of them. So besides watching them, I also like to read books about what we can learn from cats. Nowadays there are many books about this subject.

One of my favourite books regarding this subject is ‘Cat Wisdom‘, written by the author Neil Somerville. This book contains 60 great lessons you can learn from a cat. The book describes the following on the back of the cover:

“Simple and inspiring life lessons gleaned from our feline friends. See how the cat makes the most of chances, creates a good impression and makes best use of its strengths – and apply these learnings to your own life.“

I have read several books about this subject and till now this is the best one I have read. Why? Because it is nice to read one lesson per day in the morning. So you start the day with something good. Every lesson comes with a matching quote (I also like quotes). And the best about the book is the translation between the behaviour of the cat and what you can learn from it. The author really explains how you can change your life to make it better. That makes it a very nice book. Also the drawings are very beautiful. Reading this book will make you smile. Enjoy!

– Cat Wisdom Neil Somerville

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