Inside the Mind of a Cat

We love cats! It’s a worldwide obsession. One of the most common reasons people use internet is to watch cat videos. There are more than 26 billion views and more than 2 million YouTube videos featuring cats. These animals are among the most mysterious creatures on earth. They are cute, intelligent, curious, funny, goofy, mischievousContinue reading Inside the Mind of a Cat

Meowtivational cat advice

When you want to become more mindful, your biggest teacher around you is your own cat! There are many books available nowadays on how to learn mindfulness from cats. Like the book ‘Cat Wisdom’ from Neil Somerville. I will write more about catfulness in some other blog post. For now, when you are sad, goContinue reading “Meowtivational cat advice”

Book – The Guest Cat

I have read another book about cats. This time I read the novel The Guest Cat written by Takashi Hiraide. It’s a short novel about a couple in their thirties who are living in a small rented cottage in a quiet part of Tokyo. They work from home as they are freelance copy-editors. One dayContinue reading “Book – The Guest Cat”

Book – Cat wisdom

When you think about mindfulness, the first animal that pops in my mind is the cat. Not only because I am obsessed with cats haha. But this animal is the most mindful creature that I know. When you carefully watch the behaviour of cats, you can learn a lot of them. So besides watching them,Continue reading “Book – Cat wisdom”