Find your energy

Do you feel tired? Or even exhausted? Or can’t you even feel how you are feeling? Are you most of the time inside your head? Become aware of yourself and your behavior. Practise with connecting to your body again. You can connect to yourself by doing different kinds of things, for example, practicing yoga, mindful walking, focusing on your breath, practicing meditation, doing something creative or listening to music and trying to feel how you are feeling.

Connect with yourself

It starts with awareness. Take the step to connect with yourself and be more often mindful. Practice with living more in the moment. If you do this, you can notice more how you are feeling. Take time to plan some time for reflection. Start for example with journaling. Write down for about two weeks what you are doing on a day and write down how you feel. Notice what gives you energy and what costs you energy. Make a list of these things and try to change things in your life step by step and experiment with what works and what not.

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Get to know yourself

What takes your energy? Maybe people you work with. Complaining about how things are going in your life. Focus on negativity. Some friends who are asking for too much of your time. Not knowing your boundaries. Doing too many things for others. Not taking good care of yourself. Not setting priorities. Doing too many things.  

What gives you energy? Maybe things like living in the moment. Drawing or sketching. Learning something new. Trying a new recipe. Going for a walk outside. Quality time with your friends or family.  Reading an inspiring book. Dancing. Visit a new place. Meeting new people. Going to the gym for a nice work-out.

Everyone has their own things that will give and take energy. It is important that you get to know yourself and discover what works for you. If you have made your lists, you can slowly change things in your daily habits. Try to do this every three or six months, as life is always changing and your list can also change. It also takes time to make changes in your life. Good luck with this and if you need any guidance, you can contact me.  

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