Documentary – Life in colour

Spend your time wisely, as our time is limited. When you decide to watch something, choose a documentary. Mostly it is interesting. Another advantage, it will also trigger your brains as you learn something new. While learning something new you will change. You see things in another perspective and will understand more of life. That will make you and others around you happier. 

Amazing life

I also like to watch documentaries. Especially when it’s about nature and animals. It’s so amazing to discover the secrets of nature. Sometimes I see things I can’t even believe. How amazing life can be. It’s beautiful to see, but sometimes also sad. As animals in nature have a difficult life. They always have to be aware and alert. If there is someone who wants to eat them or their little ones.

Disturbed balance

Due to the behavior of humans, the animals even have more difficulties. The balance is disturbed. The area where animals live only becomes smaller and smaller. There are more threats due to climate change. More natural disasters are happening. And there are still humans who want to kill animals. Sad, but true.

Life in Colour | Image: Netflix

Importance of colour

If you watch documentaries about nature, you will become aware of reality. How animals live and what they need to do to survive, even without interference from humans. One of those documentaries is ‘Life in Colour’, presented by my favorite, David Attenborough. The documentary shows the importance of colour to survive in nature and how animals use colour throughout their lives. The series has three episodes: seeing in colour, hiding in colour and chasing in colour. It’s a beautiful documentary and of course, full of colours.

Influence of colour

In this series you will meet animals from India to Costa Rica and Scotland. Meet snails with the most amazing shells. Learn about what kind of colours deers can see. Discover why a tiger is not green. What does a flower look like when you can see ultraviolet light? What is the influence of colour among frogs? 

Curious? In that case you definitely need to watch this documentary. At the moment you can watch it on Netflix. This documentary will bring colour into your life. Enjoy!  

Trailer Life in Colour | Video: YouTube Netflix

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