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I don’t like to waste my time on watching television. For me it feels like being brainwashed with things that are not good for me. It even took me a while before I started watching the popular streaming platform Netflix. The reason was clear; I actually never watch television, because I have plenty of other interests, pursuits and hobbies. I know the stories of ‘binge watching’ and that was just something I didn’t want to integrate into my life.

Choose wisely

Everything you do affects your life. The work you do, the people you hang out with, what you read, which music you listen to and which programs you watch. Therefore, choose carefully what suits you best and makes you a better person. So when I do watch something, I choose it wisely and with intention. Mostly I choose to watch a documentary about history, other cultures, animals or nature. I can also enjoy watching movies, but it has to be something I can learn from. It needs to have a deeper meaning or something from another country to understand other cultures better.

As I have a connection with Asia, I also like to watch productions from there. When I was young this was not available on the Dutch television. Nowadays due to the internet there are a lot more possibilities. I love India, so I also like to see Indian movies. Mostly I watch the ones about Indian history or the ones that show the topics people nowadays deal with in society.

Real life story

The movie Pareeksha (2020) is a drama film about the education system in India. It tells the story of an ordinary rickshaw driver Buchi Paswan (Adil Hussain) in Bihar who brings students to their private English medium school every day. He is a poor guy with a big dream. He is doing everything to send his son Bulbul (Shubham Jha) to this English school to provide him a better life. How far will Buchi go to realise his dreams? 

I would recommend this movie when you like ‘real life stories’. It shows the struggle and difficulties of a father who wants the best for his son. Despite all the difficulties, they stay strong and positive.

Official trailer Pareeksha | Video: YouTube


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