Inside the Mind of a Cat

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We love cats! It’s a worldwide obsession. One of the most common reasons people use internet is to watch cat videos. There are more than 26 billion views and more than 2 million YouTube videos featuring cats. These animals are among the most mysterious creatures on earth. They are cute, intelligent, curious, funny, goofy, mischievous and stubborn. With their charming personalities, they get everything done and despite their antics, they only need one look and all is forgotten and forgiven. Despite the love and interest in cats, most people don’t actually know that much about them.

How come cats always land on their feet? Do cats recognise their own names? Where does the fascination with cardboard boxes come from? What does the blinking of the eyes mean? Does your cat choose its toy, a tasty treat or its owner after all? Do cats actually like people? These are some of the questions addressed in the documentary Inside the Mind of a Cat.

Cats are everywhere, but most people know little about them. There are an estimated 400 million cats today! This makes this species Felis catus one of the top ten most successful mammals ever on earth. Scientific research on cats is about 15 years behind compared to research on dogs, but now more scientists are studying cat behaviour. But so much is still unknown. 

If you have a cat in your home, genetically you actually have a wild animal in your home. The only way to get the best out of a cat is to build a bond. All cats are different and very different from each other. So you have to adapt to their character and find a way that suits them best. Cats see themselves as gods and won’t do what they don’t want to do. An important rule; never punish a cat. The key is to be positive. If a cat does something you don’t want, it is better to distract him and tell him what you do want. Use counter-conditioning and change a situation from negative to neutral and then positive.

I found it a fun documentary to watch. As a cat lover, there were few new insights for me, but it is always fun to see cat documentaries. Cats remain fascinating and beautiful to watch. Get to know the cat’s secrets and watch this lovely documentary.


Let me know what you think about it. I am curious!


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