A bit information about… climate change

Hey you! Yes, I am talking to you. The beautiful human who is reading my blog. I need to share something with you. Something very important. It is about you. About your life and your family’s life. And about the life of all the animals and plants we need to keep this world in balanceContinue reading “A bit information about… climate change”

Eat more plant-based and try vegan

On my 10th birthday I stopped eating meat. As I started to become aware of what I was eating. A big animal lover like me, didn’t want animals to get killed to eat their meat. My parents were supporting me and they respected my choice. At that time, people were starting to ask me questions.Continue reading “Eat more plant-based and try vegan”

World Environment Day

World Environment Day has been celebrated every year on the 5th of June since 1974. This day is about engaging governments, businesses and citizens in an effort to address pressing environmental issues. For too long, we have been exploiting and destroying our planet’s ecosystems. On the website of World Environment Day is mentioned: “Every threeContinue reading “World Environment Day”