Our Great National Parks  

Do you also like the autumn season? Slowly summer is saying goodbye and autumn is welcoming us. The summer sunshine can still shine its light on the colour changing leaves. It’s getting a bit colder day by day. Take a blanket out of your closet and enjoy the beauty of nature on a rainy day. Watch the documentary ‘Our Great National Parks’, which is narrated and presented by Barack Obama.

Our Great National Parks | Image: Netflix

The documentary is about national parks worldwide and their wildlife. Presenter Barack Obama tells you all about them. The Netflix documentary contains five episodes:

#1 ‘A World of Wonder’: from beaches in Africa to Japanese islands to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

#2 ‘Chilean Patagonia’: Chilean Patagonia is becoming one the most protected places on the planet.

#3 ‘Tsavo, Kenya’: about the Tsavo Conservation Area with thousands of elephants in a landscape with hornbills and rhinos.

#4 ‘Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’: about California’s coastline.

#5 ‘Gunung Leuser’: an episode about Gunung Leuser National Park in Indonesia, home of one of the most endangered species on earth, the Sumatran tiger.  

I enjoyed the documentary, with the exception of some heartbreaking scenes. Life is hard and difficult for animals, most of them are only busy with surviving. Those things are sad to see. But the series is also showing beautiful sceneries and amazing details. It focuses on the beauty of nature and why it is important why we need to protect it. Even though I prefer David Attenborough as he is my favourite presenter, Barack Obama is also doing well.

If you like nature documentaries, I would recommend you to watch this one. Have you already seen it? What is your favourite episode and why? I liked the last one, as it is about Indonesia and Sumatra which I still love to visit one day. The animals are also very beautiful.

Trailer Our Great National Parks | Video: YouTube Netflix


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