Creative flow

Are you always stuck in your head? Do you think too much? Do you have appointment after appointment? Stop! Slow down and make some time for yourself. And do you also want to get creative? Buy the book ‘Creative flow’ by Jocelyn de Kwant. The beautiful illustrations are made by Sanny van Loon. It’s a lovely workbook to cultivate everyday awareness and it invites us all to embrace a beginners’ mind.

I received this book as a gift from one of my best friends. The book contains 365 exercises, so this means it doesn’t matter which day of the year you start with the book. You can choose every day one exercise that you would like to do. The exercises are all different and they stimulate you to become more mindful and creative. It triggers your awareness and helps you to enjoy your life more.

Creative flow | Photo: Jane Sauer

The book is divided into twelve chapters; nature, daily life, play, body, draw, connect, senses, write, create, explore, eat and do nothing. Every chapter contains different exercises. One of my favourites:

  • Make a list with small wishes
  • Make a drawing of your favourite neighbour
  • Play with a child and write down what you can learn from that child
  • Draw something ugly
  • Make a list of inspiring authors

The first time I chose an exercise I didn’t want to write in the book. As I am really careful with my books, it didn’t feel right to write in a book. But I knew it was part of the deal of a workbook, so I started to let the ‘rules in my head’ go. Now I don’t care anymore and I just draw, write and play with the book. It helps me to let go and just be creative. It doesn’t have to be perfect and everything is ok.

So go to the bookstore or check online and get the book. Let me know what you like about the book. Have fun and enjoy!


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