Back to your roots

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You can’t choose your family. You can’t choose your parents and can’t choose the circumstances when you grow up. It is something you have to deal with and accept. Nobody is perfect and your parents are also not perfect. From all the people in the world, you can’t expect anything from them. They gave you life. That was their task and only task.

Parents are just humans

Of course that is not what we want. We want love and support from our parents. A warm home and protection from the cruel outside world. We want good food and a comfortable place to grow up. We only want the best. But don’t forget, your parents are also just humans. They are no superman and superwoman. They also have their struggles and difficulties in life.

We are all connected. To each other, to the planet or nature. Life is energy and energy flows. We are connected to our family. The ones that are alive and the ones that passed away. The ones you have met and the ones you have never heard of. Everything that happened in your family is somehow affecting you in your life. That can be good things, but also bad things. You are the result of the history of your family. You can choose in your own life what you want and make the choices you want to make. But there is always a part of your family inside you.

Use awareness for improvement

That awareness can help you in your life. If you use it in a good way, it will make you stronger. You can understand your family and also yourself better. Take the time to discover what has happened in your family. Do you notice any resemblance? Do you recognize any patterns? Is there some understanding? With which family members you feel a good connection and why? Don’t reject yourself and your family, but accept your family’s history. Reconnect with yourself, your past, your family, your history and your roots. It doesn’t matter if relatives are alive or not, it is about the connection you have with them.

Use this awareness to improve your life and to grow as a person. If you still have the chance to ask some relatives about some topics, do this and don’t wait till it is too late. Use this information for the rest of your life. Find your growth in your history and go back to your roots. Take the elements that are useful for you and learn from them. Enjoy the journey!  

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