International Day of Friendship

Send your love and appreciation to your friends. Send a card, nice message or make a video call. Let them know what they mean to you. On the 30th of July it is International Day of Friendship. It’s a day to be grateful to our friends. International Day of Friendship was designated by the United Nations General Assembly (U.N.). On this day we step back and get thankful for these relationships worldwide, as they promote and encourage peace, happiness and unity.

The first time his day was introduced was in 2011. So this year was exactly 10 years ago. This special day goes beyond connecting people and builds bridges among cultures, countries and ideologies. This day is there to remind us about the good things in this tough world. Before the designation of the U.N. the first World Friendship Day was proposed in 1958 by the World Friendship Crusade.

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Common ground

The day is about despite our differences, we can find common ground. Physical appearances, differences of opinions, political views, tastes and more are not reasons to separate people. Relationships are bigger than that. With this day we can promote kindness and togetherness. We have more in common than we realize.

The meaning of friendship is different for everyone. Some friends we have known for a long time, but we don’t have a good connection anymore. Some friends we only met a few times and they feel like family. But we all know having good relations is very important for health and wellbeing. Humans are social beings and need to have good connections.

Did you know that:

  • 22% of people who live longer have a close friendship network?
  • Babies start recognizing friendships at 9 months
  • 57% of teens makes a close friend online

Some tips to do on this day:

  • Send a handwritten card
  • Send a gift to a friend
  • Message a friend you haven’t spoken for a while and ask how he/she is doing
  • Meet a friend for lunch or dinner
  • Do you have friends around the globe? Make a video call with a friend who lives far away
  • Gather some friends and play a game to discover how well you know them
  • Take the step to make a new friend

I wish you a happy International Day of Friendship! Let me know what you will do on this day. You don’t have to celebrate it only on this day, as being grateful for your friendships every day of your life makes you happier.

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