Year theme

Happy New Year 2021! I wish you all the best for the new year. May you be happy and healthy!

Welcome 2021 | Image: Pinterest

A new year just started and I would advise you not to think about your new year’s resolutions. Skip them for this year and try something new. Instead of new year’s resolutions, think about something more fun! Try to formulate a year theme for this year. It will help you in an easier and more funny way to focus on the things that are important to you. What do you want to focus on this year? What do you want to achieve? What things do you want to do more? It can be everything you want, but choose just one. To help you, here are some examples of a year theme:

  • Happiness
  • Family
  • Health
  • Be you
  • Be kind
  • Challenge
  • Out of the comfort zone
  • Grow
  • Flow
  • Be better for the planet
  • Love
  • Time to play
  • Magic

When you pick a theme for this year, write it somewhere down or make a wallpaper for your desktop or mobile phone, so you will see it every day. My theme for 2021 is ‘focus’. Let me know what your theme is and I wish you all the best for this year!

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