Beauty of seasons

For the first time in my life, I have really noticed the change in the seasons. I am living in the Netherlands, where there are four seasons per year: winter, spring, summer and autumn. First I didn’t appreciate this, as I am a fan of the spring season and it would be more comfortable when it would be the whole year around 20 degrees Celsius. But I realize that I can’t change it and try to appreciate the seasons.

Take a breath

As I wrote earlier in another blog post, I often walk since the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in this weird and uncertain time the world is dealing with, there are good things to learn from this as well. One of those things is learning to pause and to slow down. Take a breath and live in the now. That is what I try to practice as well during my walks. Which gives me the possibility to make photos again, which also is a part of being in the moment. Watch the birds flying above my head and see the raindrops on the leaves. Seeing the small animals who were born in spring are growing up. If you pause and be aware, you can really feel the changes in seasons.

Autumn leaves | Photo: Jane Sauer

Feel the change

From the cold winter, trees without leaves, to the beginning of spring with the subtle touch of the sunshine on your face and blossoms starting to grow. Animals who build their nest and the birth of small ducks and swans. The warmth of the sun becomes stronger and stronger in the summer. Trees are becoming completely green and full of life energy. The temperature becomes colder again, wind makes the plants dance and the raindrops fall down. Leaves are changing into red, yellow and green. In the sunshine you can see a pallet of colors in the trees. Animals hiding and trying to find a place where they can stay warm. The trees are losing their leaves and everythings becomes cold and dark. Till the snow that falls down as a warm cosy blanket and covering the trees and grass. Waiting for the sunshine to grow and to reborn again.

Be the change

That is how I experience the seasons now. I appreciate it much more than before and it makes me happy. Try to feel the changes in the seasons and become more mindful. Be the change.

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