The power of music

Bride and Prejudice | Image: Miramax

I grew up with the sounds of music. When I was little my mother always turned on the radio as background music. Movies with music and songs I liked the most, like my old time favorite: The Sound of Music. With my favorite actress Julie Andrews with her most beautiful voice. Later I watched Bride and Prejudice, the story of bride and prejudice in a modern mix of the west and east. With my favorite actress Aishwarya Rai and Indian weddings full of music. I discovered my love for India and my love for Indian movies. When I traveled by public transport, I always listened to music. Even when I did my driving license test, the first question I asked was if I could turn on the radio. When I work I like to listen to music.

Art of arranging sounds

I can’t imagine a life without music. Music is like energy to me. It deepens my emotions and it helps me to focus. I have a broad preference for music. It all depends on my mood. My favorite music is instrumental music, as it helps me to focus and to relax. Nowadays I like to listen to Asian pianists like Yiruma and Joe Hisaishi. Especially whenever I write or when I read. Instrumental is like background music and doesn’t distract. But I also like Indian music, party music from the eighties and nineties and peaceful music with good lyrics.

Music is the art of arranging sounds in time to produce a composition through the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre. It is one of the universal cultural aspects of all human societies.” It plays an important role in the lives of people. Music is used during rituals and social activities. It also connects people. When there is a group of people who play music together, when they dance together or when they sing together. What does music mean to you?

Use the power of music

Music connects you with yourself, to your soul. And music is connecting souls with each other. I would like to share some tips how to use the power of music in your life:

  • Read a book with instrumental music in the background. It will make you relaxed.
  • If you are still working from home, take a break of 5 minutes and play your favorite song. Sing along or dance to get some more energy.
  • Choose songs with good lyrics and try to feel the words in the music. Really feel the meaning of the words.
  • Go with some friends to a karaoke bar and just sing and have fun!
  • Watch a Bollywood movie and enjoy the songs.
  • Try something else with your colleagues. Gather some instruments and make some music together. It will connect you all.


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