How to travel, from home

I accept the current pandemic situation and try to make the best of it. Despite the many interests I have and I like to go out, there are still many other things that I like to do that I can do from home. Although I do miss my family and friends because of the lockdown in the Netherlands, the other thing that I miss is to travel. And of course, in this situation it is not possible or safe to travel.

Traveling is one of my passions. It gives me a feeling of freedom. I like to visit new places, to explore nature, see animals, meet people from other cultures, try new things and be part of something big. Even when I always do a lot of things when I am traveling, it gives me so much energy.

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When it is not possible to go abroad, I try to do things in the country where I live. Travel to a city or place where I have never been before or visit a nice Indian, Japanese or Mexican restaurant. But these things are also not possible at the moment. I would like to share some tips you can do from home that gives you a bit of the feeling that you are traveling:

  • Theme night!
    Think of one of the countries you would like to visit or a country that you like and plan a theme night. Prepare some nice food, listen to music and watch a movie. For example, I plan a Japanese night. I order some vegan sushi, have dinner on the floor, listen to Japanese music and afterwards watch a Japanese movie.
  • Grab the traveler
    I still keep some of my National Geographic Traveler magazines as they are timeless. You can read them whenever you want. So keep a few in your home and read some articles when you feel like.
  • Watch documentaries
    I don’t watch television, but there is one exception that I make. When there are good travel documentaries, then I will watch. In the Netherlands there are some documentaries from ‘VPRO Reisseries’ that I like. My favorites are ‘Van Bihar tot Bangalore’ with Jelle Brandt Corstius and the series about China with Ruben Terlou. ‘Reizen Waes’ is also very interesting to see. You can also check Disney +, where you can find National Geographic documentaries. On Netflix you can for example watch the Street Food series.
  • Watch a foreign movie
    Nowadays with online streaming you have the possibility to watch movies from all over the world. Pick a country that you are interested in and watch a movie from that country. For example a Japanese anime or an Indian bollywood movie.
  • Check your travel pics
    Go back in time and watch your old travel photos again. It will bring your memories alive!
  • Group call
    When you have friends or relatives who are living in another country, arrange a group video call and enjoy your time together!
  • Read a book
    There are many travel related books. Start to read a travel story book and make sure nobody will disturb you. Enjoy your trip!
  • Make new travel plans
    Search the internet for a next travel destination. Everything will end, so also this pandemic situation. So where do you want to go when it is safe to travel again? Make your plans. Before you know, you can pack your suitcase and travel again!

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