Early morning walks

Raindrops | Photo: Jane Sauer

I like to walk. Now during this period of COVID-19, possibilities are limited. I can only walk around my neighbourhood. Which is normally not really interesting as it is mostly full of houses. But the situation is as it is, so it means I make the best of it. 

I made a game of it. I tried to find streets where I have never been before, I walked at different timings so I would notice the difference in atmosphere and I tried to discover something new. It changed my point of view. Every time that I walk, I have seen something new. I have seen animals that were just born and becoming bigger week by week. I have seen branches starting to get leaves and the growing of beautiful blossoms and the falling down of the blossoms. There is so much to see and to discover when I really look at things, instead of being busy in my mind. Everything changes, day by day. 

My favourite walks are the ones in the early morning or late in the evening. There is some kind of magical atmosphere when the sun comes up or goes down. The early morning walks I like the most, as almost all the humans are still sleeping, so I can hear the sound of animals like birds. It is so peaceful and it is a good feeling to be connected to nature again. And of course, also very important, a lot of cats like to be outside when there are not many people around. When I meet cats it always makes me happy. 

So try these walks as well. It will make you more present in the moment and will make you feel more alive. Even though you are living in just a common area without nature, there is always something to discover that makes you feel happier.

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