Book – Zen, The Art of Simple Living

Zen, The Art of Simple Living | Photo: Jane Sauer

I love books. The old fashioned ones. The ones that I can touch and smell. The ones that I can hold in my hands and turn the pages with my fingers. It feels like something precious that I am holding in my hands. The excitement when I start to read a new book. Words becoming sentences. Those sentences become paragraphs. And paragraphs become chapters. I read every word and I try to remember everything, even though I know that is never possible. When I finish a book, I know that I am changed. Just by reading a book.

I would like to share the book ‘Zen, The Art of Simple Living’, written by Shunmyō Masuno. It’s a book with 100 life lessons. You can read one lesson per day. Zen Buddhist priest Shunmyō Masuno shares his wisdom and applies the essence of Zen to modern life. The lessons will bring you calm and happiness. I would recommend that you read one lesson every morning, to start the day with something positive and wise.

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