Exhibition – Planet or Plastic

Change is possible | Photo: Jane Sauer

For the people who live in the Netherlands, I would recommend the National Geographic photo exhibition ‘Planet or Plastic’ in Museon in The Hague. It shows a collection of journalistic photographs about the production of plastic and its role in the world. It shows the sad effects of our use of plastic, scientific research and a search for solutions to the pollution of the oceans.

These are not always the most beautiful photos that you would expect, but it shows the sad reality. For me, the most impressive photo was the famous one of nature photographer Justin Hofman. He made a photo of a tiny seahorse latching onto a cotton swab in Sumbawa in Indonesia. But also the one of a golf surfer in Indonesia in the plastic soup was so confronting. And then a sad photo of a sea turtle entangled in an old plastic fishing net. But also a photo of women in Bangladesh sorting plastic bottles for recycling is showing the real life of these women.

Visiting this exhibition will not make you happier, but it is really interesting to visit. It will definitely make you more aware about the consequences of the use of plastic in our world. You will think twice the next time you buy a plastic bottle.

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