Get things done at home

There is always something to do in the house. There is always something that needs to be cleaned or organized. When you just clean the floor, the next moment you see dust and spots again. I can tell you, this will never stop.

Happiness booster

But, the good thing about this is that a clean and organized home makes you happy. At least it makes me happy. It gives me peace and gives rest to my mind. As I am highly sensitive, the outside world sometimes drives me crazy. So when I am at home I prefer to have a peaceful environment.

One minute

But I also know it takes much time to maintain a household. So I would like to share two things with you to help you. The first one is the ‘one minute rule’. Learn yourself from the moment you enter your house door, everything that only costs one minute work, do it directly. For example, put your shoes in the right place when you just come home instead of taking them off and leave them on the floor, so you need to put them back at a later moment. Eventually it saves you time when you do things directly when it is only a task that costs you a minute.

Power hour

The other thing that I would like to advise you to do is a weekly ‘power hour’. There are mostly many things that you would like to do in the house, but you just postpone it or don’t want to start with it as you know it will cost you much time. If you just plan an hour or two hours per week, it doesn’t cost you too much of your time, but you will get things done. For example cleaning and organizing the closets. If you do this bit by bit and room by room, eventually you will do the whole house. But make sure you will continue to do this every week.

Just do it

A clean and organized home will prevent frustrations. When all things have their own place and you can easily find it, you will never lose time searching for things. It also gives you rest in your head that it is not a mess, but clean and organized. Be the change.

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