Be kind

I am not religious, but I do live according to my own rules and values. The most important lesson from all the religions according to me is: be kind and respect each other. It seems so simple, but in real life it turns out that it is not that simple. Being kind is not always possible. When you don’t feel well or when you had a bad day. Mostly the loved ones around you will notice you are not so kind to them. And what do you do when people are not kind to you? Can you always respond with compassion? I don’t think so.

Especially in the western world, it is a challenge. Where everything is based on money, status and comparison. For example, when you go to a birthday party or a meeting with other people, one of the questions will be: what kind of job do you have? Is that important? I prefer the question: what keeps you busy these days? So the answer can be anything. If you are a fulltime mother, when you are jobless or when you spend your time on your passion like traveling.

According yoga philosophy your destination, your passion, the thing you do which can cause flow, is called ‘career’. It doesn’t matter what you do, for money or not for money, it is about the reason why you are here on earth. It is your mission or your calling. It is about fulfilling your task in the best way you can do. That seems more important than the question of what kind of job you have. There are lucky people who made their job from their passion and that is great. But most of the people see work as ‘work’ and not as their ‘calling’. So take the time to think about what you really want in life. Work hard to make your dreams come true. You can also be one of the people who can earn money with your passion.

And what about respect? That also seems difficult. I am a person who has respect for every other living being. If it is a small baby duck, a cat, an old tree or a human being. They all need to be treated with the same respect. For everything that is alive, there is no life that is more worth than the other life. For many people this is already something difficult to believe. I understand you can’t do everything. When you boil water, many living bacterias are also being killed for example. But at least try to understand we are all part of the same planet and we are living all together on this planet so we need to respect each other. It is important that we can live together, as we also need each other to stay alive.

Don’t forget yourself. Be kind to yourself and respect yourself. That is the only way you can change into a better person and the environment around you. Try to say good things to yourself, smile to yourself in the mirror and be grateful that you are alive. Be happy with the small things in life, as they are the big things in life.

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