Spring is there

Blossoms | Photo: Jane Sauer

My favorite season of the year started. Spring! I just love this time of the year. After the cold and dark winter, the sun comes out again. All the trees start to grow their leaves, the birds are singing and the blossom starts to grow. Temperature is rising again and you can feel the spring breeze. The first spring day is the best one, when you can feel the warm sunlight on your face.

In India they celebrate the Holi festival when spring starts. It is a colorful festival full of joy. In Japan they celebrate Hanami, when the first cherry blossom (sakura) starts to grow. Family and friends gather for a picnic and enjoy the beauty of sakura. Both are one of my favorite festivals. For me spring also feels like a new start. Every day is a new start, but there is just something magical about spring.

In the early morning you hear the birds singing their songs. When I go for a walk, I enjoy seeing animals forming couples. Swans, storks, goose, ducks and coots are coming together. Some birds are having a mating dance and some are already building nests. It just seems like a friendlier season, with the sun coming out and the plants and flowers starting to grow. I would like to give some suggestions you can do this spring (with the lockdown and COVID-19):

  • Go out for a walk and enjoy nature! If you are not living near a natural place, try to find the green spots in your own neighbourhood. There are always places where you can find trees, birds and growing blossoms.
  • Make a vegan cappuccino or vegan matcha and sit in the sunshine in your own garden or balcony and feel the sunshine on your face. Be mindful and live in the moment. Enjoy your drink and the sun. I recently discovered Alpro Barista Coconut, which is a good plant based drink (if you like the taste of coconut).
  • Borrow a dog from one of your friends, go out and play!
  • If you still need to work from home due the lockdown, make your work space in your garden or on your balcony.
  • Go out and bring your camera. Improve your photography skills!
  • Arrange a surprise picnic for your lover, best friend, sister or your mom. Choose a nice place and make sure you can take your distance from others. Fill your basket with blueberries, strawberries, sandwiches with lettuce, hummus and avocado, vegan cold macchiato, mango juice and vegan lemon cake.

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