Documentary – David Attenborough: A life on our planet

David Attenborough | Photo: Netflix

There are not many humans that I admire. Most of them are already ‘old‘, starting from 75 years old. When I was a child I liked to be with children who were older than me and being with adults was also fine for me. Age is just a number, I know. But being with older people really can change your life. As I have an Asian background, I always have learned to respect older people. I like to listen to their life stories and the lessons they have learned in their lives.

Same passions

One of my best friends was about 50 years older than me. He was my uncle, but became like a father to me. Today is his day of death, he passed away a few years ago and I still miss him every day. Despite the age difference, it felt like we were partners in crime. Talking about serious things, sharing the same passions but also behaving like two small naughty kids when we were teasing each other and having fun. He did everything he wanted and nobody could stop him. Our connection is one of the greatest gifts I have in life.

He was one of the humans that I admire. When I become ‘old‘, I want to become like him, not in another way, that was what I always thought. He reminds me of someone else I admire, David Attenborough. My uncle and I, we both love adventure, wild nature, animals and traveling. We loved to see documentaries of David Attenborough and of course I still do. Recently I have seen his latest documentary ‘A life on our planet‘. It is one of the most amazing documentaries I have ever seen. On the website about the movie you can read the following:

“Celebrated British naturalist Sir David Attenborough has a broadcasting career spanning over six decades. He has visited every continent on the globe, exploring the wild places of our planet and bringing the wonders of the living world to audiences worldwide through ground-breaking natural history series. During his lifetime, Sir David Attenborough has seen first-hand the monumental scale of environmental change caused by human actions. Now for the first time, he reflects on the devastating changes he’s witnessed and reveals how together we can address the biggest challenges facing life on our planet.“

Trailer A life on our planet | Video: YouTube

Changes in the world

In the documentary Attenborough is telling his own story on this planet. It starts when he was a small boy and how the world was in that time. He tells about the changes in his life and the changes in the world. What the changes have done to our planet and that we, as humans, have destroyed the world. He shows us what will happen in the the coming hundred years if we keep continuing this way. But if we change and do something now, we can still stop this horrible future. He gives examples of simple things we can do in our everyday life, for example eating less meat and more plant based food.

It was a very interesting documentary. It was confronting and sad to realise what can happen to the earth in a human’s life. From the untouched places in the wild with hundreds and thousands of animals, till so many animal species that nowadays are extinct. In less than hundred years. Even though I do as much as I can in my daily life to protect nature and animals, it is always possible to do more. This is also something we need to do together. We are all part of nature and living on this earth. We need to take care of the earth and not only think about our own lives. Many animals are dying every day because of humans. We can’t let that happen. Nature has to be in balance. So please watch this documentary on Netflix and join us to make this world more beautiful.

– Netflix

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