Podcast – 365 days successful

Reading is something I like to do, but in some situations it is not always convenient to read. For example in a busy train, as I get distracted by people who talk too loud. Then it gets difficult for me to focus on reading. An alternative for this is listening to a podcast. There are many interesting podcasts that you can download in advance via iTunes or Spotify and listen to on the way. 

One of my favorites is the podcast of the Dutch ‘365 dagen succesvol’ from David de Kock and Arjan Vergeer. I already know their books, videos and programs for a longer time. They started about ten years ago. Their mission is to make the Netherlands the happiest country of the world.

It’s always a pleasure to hear their voices and to learn something new from them. It is easy to understand and they always give good examples from daily life and they are always positive and energetic. So if you speak Dutch, please give it a try to listen to their podcasts. It will make you happier.

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